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Short:Mount img,iso,adf,hdf... by doubleclick
Author:Ya (yaya005 at
Uploader:Ya (yaya005 seznam cz)
Requires:AmigaOS 3.1+
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New in this version:

3.1.1 Little changes in doc and separate errors and requesters internal
      variables, bugfix low/high sector read from RDB.
      Remove Eject function for all HDF files /Don't funcional/
      and more internal changes.
      [Warning... Isomount has limitation in internal rdb_read function
       and don't support multipartition files now.]

3.1  Isomount now support HDF(FFS) images with or without RDB tabe.


Isomount   is an   ARexx script that makes possible to mount 
CD iso, HD img and/or floppy images in variable formats automatically.

Supported images:

 -amiga    adf - 880(ofs,ffs)
 -m$-dos   img - 360-2.88(fat12)
 -atari st st  - 800(fat12)
 -mac gs   ??  - 800(mfm)
 -cd       iso - every size including floppy specific
 -HD       img - every size and FFS, DOS or MAC format

This script might be very useful to PC-Task users, so that u
do not need to make real boot-floppy and HD image all u have 
to do is to download one from somewhere,mount it and use.


Isomount  requires  some   things  to  work properly, iam sure
You already have most of them in Your SYS:, if  not go Aminet.

In order to use Isomount You need:

 -68000+/os3.1+, at least 512ko of memory.
 -RexxMast (system) running
 -rexxsupport.library in libs:
 -filedisk.device (included)
 -CrossDOSFileSystem 42.5+     - for m$-dos floppy images
 -CrossMACFileSystem - for mac GS 800 ko floppies
 -CacheCDFS 113.20    - for CD-ROM iso images
 -mount,rx - commands in C: or in path

and of course some disk/iso images.

1.   Copy  isomount  preferably to Your C: directory  and make sure
     it has script bit [flag] active.
     [protect c:isomount add s].

2.  Copy filedisk.device from archive in to DEVS: folder on sys. disk.

3.  When your REXXMAST server not stabile running, copy rexxmast from 
    your sys:system/rexxmast directory in to sys:wbstartup.
4.  Create asociation`s in Deficons tool 
    [ sys:prefs/deficons  OS 3.5, 3.9, 3.2+ ] for all types 
    supported image`s.
    Note: 1. In older version OS [ 3.1 ] is Deficons tool not presented.
          You must create icon`s for every single image file separately.
          2. Icon`s must be Project type with Default tool set on 
    to Isomount [with path] and first tooltype must be SHELL or CLI.

When you have all this correct set, 
you have mouting functionality for all supported 
files on one douleclick !!!!!!!

- usage from shell:

template: isomount <filename>[,devname][,manmode]

          [,manmode] is a number of 'devtype.', see this
          file with text viewer or editor in order to get the range.
          remember that 0 is always iso, the reason why this option
          exists is that u may have iso image that has exactly same
          size like one of the supported floppy images.

          NOTE: u can still ommit [,devname] like this,
                'isomount ../games/cdimageofsomething.iso,,0'


RamDisk:> isomount hd2:debian_woody.iso
-this   will    mount   debian installation disc as SCD0:,
if  You  type  above  line  again  then  the  debian   iso 
will be mounted again but this time as SCD1:.

RamDisk:> isomount miniamitcp.adf,MINI:
-custom dev name

RamDisk:>isomount `requestfile`
-and now select your imege file via filerequester.


Contents of util/rexx/isomount.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
[generic]                 1749    2668  65.6% -lh5- 3dca Sep 12  2005 isomount31/filedisk.device
[generic]                 2739    6124  44.7% -lh5- 7bff Feb 14  1980 isomount31/iconstemp/
[generic]                 1510    1798  84.0% -lh5- 3378 Feb 14  1980 isomount31/iconstemp/
[generic]                  818    1059  77.2% -lh5- a08c Feb 14  1980 isomount31/iconstemp/
[generic]                  522    1462  35.7% -lh5- d739 Mar 29  1980 isomount31/install
[generic]                  325     669  48.6% -lh5- e0bc Apr  7  1980 isomount31/
[generic]                 1333    4337  30.7% -lh5- 34c5 Mar 29  1980 isomount31/Installsoftware
[generic]                 1811    2280  79.4% -lh5- d62d Apr  7  1980 isomount31/
[generic]                 4520   15436  29.3% -lh5- 1695 Apr  8  1980 isomount31/isomount
[generic]                 5409   16196  33.4% -lh5- 4552 Apr  8  1980 isomount31/
[generic]                 1490    1893  78.7% -lh5- d183 Apr  7  1980 isomount31/
[generic]                 1892    3726  50.8% -lh5- 325b Apr  8  1980 isomount31/isomount.readme
[generic]                 1814    2751  65.9% -lh5- 6112 Apr  7  1980 isomount31/
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
 Total        13 files   25932   60399  42.9%            Apr  9 01:09

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